The Bordello Bar

 - Aug 21, 2008
References: bordellosoho & core77
This sexy night club is called the Bordello Bar, a nightclub in Soho, London. At last, another trend I can actually see and go and play with!

This is the work of Sam Buxton who was commissioned by Young J Song, the owner of Bordello Bar, to create a unique interior to make this a pure drinking destination.

To deliver the concept, designer Sam Buxton, worked in collaboration with textile designer Emily Hiller. Between them, they have knitt a superb interior.

Buxton's statement designs run through the bar's two main rooms, entrance area and stairs. In these areas, the walls are covered with red curtains of hand-tied netting. Another feature is woven fabric that has been laid over wire to create tree-like shapes set off against metal sheeting. Other touches include liquor bottles held in net sacks and steel cabling which creates a unique tunnel for serving trays.

"According to the designer, the seating and lighting were integrated to make it appear as though the interior is constructed from a single surface," Core77 says. "Together, the wall hangings and a sculptural installation in the bar's main room contain 2.5km of knitted, hand-knotted and woven cord."

I cannot wait to go!