From Violent Film Tattoos to Cult Movie Couture

 - Jun 5, 2011
These 'A Clockwork Orange' innovations honor the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film -- and the Anthony Burgess novel that preceded it in 1962 -- in fine fashion. This cult classic has inspired designers and creatives in nearly every industry, from fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier to vinyl toy designer Michael Lau.

Whether you're a fan of the made-up language used throughout the movie or Kubrick's uncanny focus on violence, these 'A Clockwork Orange' innovations are sure to appeal to you. My favorite designs in this top list are those that reinterpret Alex and his buddies in a modern yet fashionable way, like the Eugenio D’Orio photo shoot that puts the model in a bowler hat, the film's signature makeup and a pair of knee-high striped socks.