Dissizit 2011 Spring Shirts Brings Wicked Designs for the Coming Season

With a string of spring/summer releases, the Dissizit 2011 Spring shirts are definitely something worth checking out.

The brand shows off a newly designed tees with some rad graphics for the Dissizit 2011 Spring collection. The tees have bold visuals of celebrities, abstract art and best of all, a model dressed up as the ultra-violent Alex of A Clockwork Orange. Dissizit has also collaborated with independent hip-hop label Delicious Vinyl for two shirts in addition to the brand's own design. The first design incorporates the label's logo and the other one depicts a luscious tongue licking the word "Delicious."

The shirts from the Dissizit 2011 Spring collection are definitely a must-have for those who want to ditch one-tone apparel and go for striking graphics that just kick ass.