Madame Defarge's Art Aint Exactly Your Grandmother's Yarn Work

 - Feb 25, 2009
I am rarely seen without my knitting in my hand. Even as I type this out, I’m taking breaks to knit this scarf/stole/shawl, and I can even say I have knit with everything from cotton to wool and even audio film from broken audio tapes… and that’s why I have a love affair with subversive knitting. I know what you are thinking: subversive knitting?! Yes, just that.

I have long thought that all DIY crafts were subversive, but now I’ve seen Lead Teddy Bears, a knit "Craft Kills" body suit and my favorite, Skull Doilies. These artists have really turned the craft of knitting on its ear.

I have made a few crazy things in my day, but nothing like this. I love the idea of taking a thousand year old craft and making it new and exciting and, might I even say, political again.

I might be sitting here knitting this shawl, but in my heart, I’m thinking of all the ways my knitting can start a revolution.

So don’t just sit there people, grab your pointy sticks, it’s time to cast on!