Knitted Comfort Food

 - Dec 1, 2007
Out of all my trends, I think I like this the most! Knitted comfort food. But not in a crap knitted way - it does look really good, look at the detail of the pips on the strawberry's for example, or the sequins on the fish.

"Cardigan like to see their knitting and crochet as art, with Comfort Food was nominated for the Best Artist's Open House award in Brighton," the company says of their fab pieces. "Our inspiration for this unique collection was the food we all love to eat, from traditional British breakfasts to fish and chips. And the belief that anything can be knitted or crocheted. Lovingly hand made, and box-framed, Kate will create bespoke 'plates' for you. Many of our customers order Comfort Food as special gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and, of course, themselves."