Three Years After His Death, Michael Jackson's Legacy Lives on

 - Jun 25, 2012
The legacy of Michael Jackson lives on in these thrilling King of Pop tributes. Three years after his passing, MJ is still having a tremendous impact in the world. His iconic status has been immortalized in an incredible variety of ways from intense emotional tributes to edible King of Pop confections.

Jackson's songs truly transformed the music industry, but there is not a part of popular culture that is untouched by Michael. Constant versions of his image are seen in street art to crystal pop legend busts. His work as a performer has spawned an Internet filled with viral videos remaking famous dances of Michael to moonwalking toys. While, Michael's fashion sense still lives on as we see thriller jacket revivals hit the runways.

Fans are constantly remembering him, willing to get Michael Jackson tattoos to travelling to homage hotel packages to feel closer to the legend. His is untouchable to the point of his image being used in celebreligious artifacts, he truly rocked our world.