Touchdown Dances & Butter Sculptures for Michael Jackson

 - Jul 6, 2009
References: mcall & slashfood
Michael Jackson, while he was alive, provided the world with some seriously bizarre stories.  What could be more fitting after his death, then, besides bizarre tributes in his honor? 

Most people have heard of the prisoners dancing to "Thriller" in their orange jumpsuits but that was only the beginning.  From a Michael Jackson tribute in butter at the Iowa State Fair to an ill-advised tribute by Canadian football player Arland Bruce after scoring a touchdown (see the video above), people are paying their respects in ways odd enough to match the oddity that was Michael Jackson.

Even Lindsay Lohan is going all out on this one, posing as the King of Pop in her dressing room.

While some outlets probably just see this as a chance to make some extra money, like the Michael Jackson tribute kit in the gallery above, others seem truly inspired by MJ’s passing.