Patrick Boivin's Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean Video is Sensational

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: pascalblais & thisiscolossal
Pascal Blais Studio's Patrick Boivin directed this duo-dancing stop-motion animation, which shows celebs strutting their stuff.

This fierce dance-off involves deceased dance dynamo Michael Jackson and comedic clown Mr. Bean. The prancing pair are complete opposites, making this move-busting movie even funnier. Viewers will laugh out loud as these two dance to the death -- they really "don't stop 'til they get enough." Michael's moves are magnificently sharp and thrilling, while Mr. Bean's attempts are delightfully dorky and laughable. The video then takes a turn for the extreme when both busting battlers transform into rump-shaking robots.

The Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean animation by Pascal Blais Studio is definitely dance-inducing; watch this video to find out who becomes the King of bop!