The King of Pop Appears on Necklaces

 - Jul 11, 2009
References: bloomacious
With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, it seems as though the King of Pop has been popping up everywhere. His face and legacy has been incorporated into many objects, and now can be seen on these fancy gold chained necklaces.

These gorgeous chains were made by Tarina Tarantino, but unfortunately are not for sale. If he hadn't already taken over the world while living, Michael Jackson most definitely will in his afterlife.

Implications - *Be more clear in your imp. Confusing wording and sentence structure.

Consumers are always looking for products that represent their favorite celebrities they have become more obsessive with celebrity status. This product proves the ever-lasting power of celebrities even after their death. Businesses can market more products for specific idols or lasting images, to make consumers more connected to the celebrities and ultimately their products.