Gemory Places Nano King of Pop Pictures Inside Diamonds

 - Aug 7, 2009
References: pressrelease365 & beadinggem
Trend Hunter has previously reported on diamonds being made from Michael Jackson’s burned hair. Another unusual diamond memorabilia is now being offered by Gemory, where they inject a nano-photograph of the King of Pop just below the surface of a diamond.

Gemory uses a patented nanotechnology process of inscribing the photograph without damaging the gemstone. The technique is not like the invasive and permanent laser etching of diamonds because the photographs can be removed safely as well.

These Gemory Michael Jackson nanophotographs will be preserved forever inside the diamond. You can’t see it, though, unless you use a special viewer. The limited edition diamonds are available in two sizes--0.1 and 1 carat. Only 10 diamonds of each size were made. You can now buy them on eBay for $850 and $4,900.