From Michael Jackson Converse's to Dark Knight High Tops

 - Nov 9, 2012
The depth of the sneaker niche market is illustrated no better than when looking at customized sneakers. No longer are unique colorways or fabrics enough to get sneaker enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Customized or one-of-a-kind shoes are a niche within the niche that have emerged as a creative way to give sneakers added exclusivity.

Customized sneakers are jazzed up in a variety of ways from coordinating color combinations with iconic super hero logos like Reebok did with Captain America to printing President Obama's portrait along with key parts of his platform like "affordable care" on the shoe itself as seen on a pair of Air Force 1s below. Some custom sneakers are taken a step further as owners themselves make the shoe their canvas, using paint and other materials to lay down one-of-a-kind designs.

As the sneaker market continues to grow - and fragment - customized sneakers are a growing trend that has infinite pop culture and art implications.