76 IPhone Innovations (and IPhone Worship)

 - Jun 14, 2008
Whether you like Apple's iPhone or not, there is no denying it started a revolution that has forever changed phone design. It was an iPod, an Internet device, and a phone without having buttons.

From its official announcement a year ago, the iPhone had all the big guns scrambling to come up with an iPhone killer, or at least the iPhone equivalent. We have seen numerous designs and phones take shots at the iPhone's throne, with some coming quite close while most faltered and fell short. The iPhone's magic weapon has been its software. Competitors can copy the design, the style and even the icons; but they can not copy Apple's operating system which is the beating heart of the iPhone.

With the recent announcement of the iPhone SDK and the second generation 3G iPhone with GPS coming out next month at half the price, Apple has further solidified its position and seems set to take on the world of phones by storm.

In addition to revolutionizing phone designs, the iPhone has created a huge market for accessories, cases, docks, applications and much more. I do not think any one gadget has ever generated this much intrest and this many trends in Trend Hunter within one year.