Top 7 IPhone Scams

 - Aug 16, 2007
References: helps people protect themselves scams, identity theft and urban legends. Here are ScamBuster's predictions for the top 7 iPhone scams.

1. iPhone eBay scams: If you see an iPhone on sale for $50, you aren't getting a real iPhone. Period.
2. iPhone standing in line scams: This is where you pay someone to stand in line for you. Set up some sort of plan to ensure the person actually stands in line or that you will see the person again.
3. iPhone scalper scams: If you do buy an iPhone off of a scalper, at least make sure the box isn't empty.
4. Free iPhones: This is an easy way for folks to get personal information that they require during registration.
5. iPhone spam: ScamBuster predicts an avalanche of iPhone spam touting FREE iPhones. Don't respond.
6. Fake iPhone websites and phishing scams: The sites will look like Apple web sites. When you go to login, you give the scammers personal info. This is called phishing.
7. iPhone viruses, Trojans and spyware: With the popularity of the iPhone, you will probably see a surge in iPhone spam or other online ads that have no other goal than to mess up your computer.