Apple Hackers In Trouble

 - Aug 28, 2007
This week's news about the 17-year-old who hacked the iPhone has caused a lot of discussion, and now the debate is on as to whether or not the teen's tamperings were legal. Turns out, they weren't. That's the verdict anyway from the very large legal teams at Apple and AT&T.

AT&T lawyers have contacted about their plan to sell iPhone-unlocking software. The message? 'Don't do it. We're warning you.' The few who have openly unlocked their phones already are probably OK under the law as long as they don't try to sell it.

NOTE: What is all this talk of 'unlocking'? Apple iPhones are exclusively serviced through AT&T. They don't work right out of the box with any other carrier. That has pissed a lot of folks off who then use their nerd skills to hack into the machine and render it useful.