24 Bizarre Court Cases And Viral Legal Issues

 - Dec 23, 2008
Kirsten Dunst recently won a restraining order against a man she says trespassed onto her property; this incident is perhaps the tamest in this collection of bizarre court cases and viral legal issues.

From California's Proposition 8 to a ban in France on pin-thin models, we have it all below. Who knew, for example, that virtual intercourse in an online game like 'Second Life' can legally still be considered cheating on your spouse? Compared to real-life divorces over virtual extramarital dalliances, Kirsten Dunst's trespasser seems a bit tame.

There are also a number of online resources for legal help in this cluster. From legal questions that are answered via video to do-it-yourself legal contracts, you'll be as well-prepared as Kirsten Dunst when you head into court.