Cali Courts Deal with Romany

 - Dec 7, 2007
References: msnbc.msn & msnbc.msn
In southern California, a war is going on between two gypsy families, the Stevens' and Merino clans over fortune telling turf. The secret internal hierarchy of gypsy clans rivals the ferociousness of La Costa Nostra in Sicily, never going outside the clan with disputes, but having them settled by elders. However, this feud caused the Merinos to break with tradition and go to the courts of Orange County, CA, for a settlement.

Gypsy clans came to America from Europe during the 19th Century. There are about two hundred thousand gypsies living in Romania, although the exact numbers cannot be known. The Roma people do not always record births and deaths, and the government admits that the census has failed to record their exact number.