Police Seize a Bag of Green Crack in Ohio

 - Mar 22, 2008
References: columbusdispatch & asylum
The police in Marietta, Ohio seized a plastic bag with green crack. "I don't know if they're Irish or not," Sheriff Larry R. Mincks said about the suspects. "They could be, I suppose. Or maybe they just wanted to celebrate the holiday." Apparently this is not an isolated incident. Crack dealers have been known to use food coloring in the past to make crack look like candy.

You just have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit of crack dealers. They are not afraid of innovation and of thinking outside the box or the crack house. And in that regard, I was really tempted to put this trend in the "Marketing Trend" or the "Marketing Strategy" categories. Goodness knows I should also be able to put this in the "Celebrity Products" category. Oh well.