"The Great Thing"

 - Feb 19, 2008
References: macdailynews
We've seen how viral Apple's commercials get, so we thought we'd fill you in before everyone's seen the latest. Plus, when this one gets spoofed, you'll want to have the original to compare it to. The latest iPhone commercial is called "The Great Thing" and emphasizes how truly fantastic it is to be able to carry internet access with you wherever you go.

So, what's so great about having the internet in your pocket? According to Apple, you'll be able to check out the trail runs the next time you're on the ski hill. Instead of flinging snow on the people below you, or taking in the scenery while riding the chair lift, you can stay fixed on your iPhone and miss out on the mountain experience.

The tragedy of it all is that this is really starting to happen. People take their phones hiking, skiing, sailing... What's the point in the great outdoors if you can't use time away from the computer to actually be away from it?

Apple says having the internet in your pocket is also good if you want to "Find a good place to eat in town... when you're hungry" as well as when you want to "Change your flight when you're just not ready to go home."

There are just so many comments I could make... but I'll hold out until they spoof this one!