Teen Hackers Gets 350Z & 3 iPhones

 - Aug 29, 2007   Updated: Jun 17 2011
References: ecommercetimes & forbes
It's still unknown whether Apple and AT&T will press lawsuits against iPhone hackers. In the meantime, George Hotz, the-17-year-old New Jersey hacker who unlocked the iPhone is making the most of his discovery. The teen traded the original hacked iPhone on eBay for a Nissan 350Z and three 8 GB iPhones. Not a bad deal, unless of course, he gets a team of AT&T's lawyers on his case.

Implications - The featured video shows an interview with the young George Hotz, who explains his reasons for hacking the iPhone and how he discovered how to do it. He explains that he doesn't plan on selling hacked iPhones, but rather teach people how to do it themselves by posting videos on his blog.