Courvoisier Customized iPhone, Curve, iPod

 - Apr 12, 2008   Updated: May 20 2011
References: notcot
Famous Cognac brand Courvoisier has created an intruiging limited edition collection of customized iPhones, Curves, and iPods.

The collection features a surprisingly elegant shade of orange with artistic patterns in black.

I am not so big on the iPhone model, I always considered the iPhone a piece of art on it own, but the Blackberry Curve and the iPod custom jobs are awesome.

Implications - The release of limited editions has proven an effective strategy for years. The value of these products are often high due to the limited release angle that creates an image of prestige. If a company's product was undervalued before, then the ones with a specialty marker will certainly be appreciated among a wide demographic who wants to own something truly special.