72 DUI Temptations & Warnings

 - Sep 30, 2008
With the news of Heather Locklear being arrested for DUI, she joins Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Nicole Richie, and Kiefer Sutherland as some of the celebrities who set a bad example for the impressionable young fans who look up to them.

Because of the attention the Heather Locklear DUI is receiving in the media, I thought it’s a good time to offer examples of the temptations that might cause you to end up with a similar fate and some of the anti-binge drinking and anti-drugs campaigns that warn you of the effects of this behavior.

Whether it is alcohol, drugs or prescription medicine, driving under the influence not only puts your own life at risk, it also endangers the lives of innocent people who might die on your hands.

You will end up paying a hefty price for something that could easily be avoided by taking a taxi or calling a friend to drive you home. Plus, take a look at these mugshots in the gallery. Not very flattering, huh?