In an Absolut World, All Men Would Have 8 Inches

 - May 14, 2008
References: absolutads
Couple this Absolut Vodka ad about all men having eight inches of manhood with their previous ad illustrating that in an Absolut world, men have the babies, and we would have one hell of a freaky world!

The new 8 Inches ad recently ran in Instinct, a gay lifestyle magazine, while the pregnant man ad ran in normal publications.

So let me try to figure this out: in their Absolut world, straight men get pregnant by/with their wives, while gay men have 8 inches? Does that mean gay men would just have the perk of good size, and not the burden of pregnancy? Do the straight men have eight inches as well?

Oh, Absolut Vodka, I am so very confused right now…

I gotta say though, the concept of the ruler with the number 8 printed at all measurements is a pretty subtle and witty way to sneak the naughty idea. This could run in children magazines and be ok!

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