Riedel's Swan and Paloma

 - Mar 23, 2008
References: riedel & coolhunting
Impress your date or guests with these decanter designs that take their inspiration from birds. The striking beautiful collection is by the generations-old family glassware-makers Riedel. The leaded crystal vessels feature aerodynamic lines and dramatic dimensions and are designed by Maximillian Riedel (the man behind the stemless revolution) and his father Georg and handmade by artisans in their Austrian factory.

The Swan (above, right) and Paloma (above, left) designs feature sloping tails that double as handles and a curved neck serves as a drip-free spout. The Flamingo (below, left) follows traditional wine bottle design: A deep indent in the bottom for the thumb provides stability with which to pour wine out of the nearly two-foot tall decanter. Each piece holds a bottle of wine and all are limited in quantity.