WineSide Test Tube Samples

 - Apr 20, 2008
Fine wine is often an art kept to connoisseurs and other "cultured," snobby people. But for the rest of us, how do we select a wine without letting our ignorance take the better of us? People who are not too well informed of the right year or region now have the ability to sample a selection of fine wines before actually shelling out a small fortune for that special occasion. WineSide has come up with the novel approach of offering wines packaged in sample size tubes.

WineSide offers both sweet and classic wines in patented, flat-base glass tubes with screw tops carefully engineered to protect the flavours of te wine. The sweet wines, which include Sauternes and Muscat, for example, are available in 6cl tubes, while the Pomerol, Chateau Neuf du Pape and other classic wines to be purchased in 6cl or 10cl sizes.

They offer a range of appellations and producers. Tubes are available individually or by the box, which can be chosen to provide an introduction to a variety, year or region. The products are available exclusively at Colette in Paris this month.