Home Tabletop Distillation Unit

 - Jan 28, 2007
References: easystill
I am sure this gadget will be a dream come true for the many handymen that always had the dream of being able to distill alcohol at home without the worries of cooking pots, buckets or other utensils laying around the attic, the garage or the basement.

With this brand new distilling unit making alcohol is as easy as making coffee...LITERALLY!!!

All you need to do is add 4 liters of mash or wine to the unit and plug it. The machine warms up in one hour, and the process of distillation takes place in 3 hours. So in 4 hours you can have 1.4 liter of 46% alcohol. If you want a much more pure alcohol, all you have to do is re-distill the outcome of the first batch, and the result will be an alcohol with the 88% of purity.

The distillation unit is made of stainless steel, and lasts forever. The unit is called a pot still because it is just the pot and nothing else. All the elements of the distiller are inside the machine: a cooler fan, the warming unit, the pirufying carbon unit, etc...

The best feature of this wondeful gadget is its simplicity of use:

-No cooling tubes or noisy running water in the plumbing.
-Thermometers and thermostats are not needed
-The unit is designed for the production of alcohol.
-No 25-liter apparatus with long columns needed. The unit is only 200 x 360 mm

Pour in the mash, start, switch off when finished 4 hours later. Double distill if you need stronger spirits. Always a good result, it can't be easier.