Anti-Bing Drinking Campaign: Was It Worth It?

 - May 2, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
"It's not the drinking - It's how we're drinking." That is the message of a new anti-binge drinking campaign by The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand.

Posting the question, "Was last night really worth it?" the campaign illustrates the social and health side-effects drinking too much can have. It shows people isolated from their families by being trapped inside a huge wine or beer glass.

One print ad shows a dad trapped inside a beer glass while his family solemnly has breakfast. Another ad shows a mother inside a wine glass while her young son stares from the door. A third ad shows a young girl on a hospital bed inside a shot glass while her mother waits outside the room.

I think the ads are great. They show different scenarios and capture the social effect of binge drinking.

The print ads were done by Clemenger BBDO Advertising Agency, New Zealand with executive creative director Philip Andrew, creative director Mark Harricks, art directors Paul Young & Brigid Alkema, and retoucher Geoff Francis.