From Innovative Hologram Glasses to Nature Walk Simulators

 - Mar 8, 2015
With the conclusion of CES 2015 in January, many of the top February 2015 multimedia ideas involve hot topics like wearable tech, virtual reality and livestreaming.

While holographic technology has yet to become the mainstream, the introduction of Microsoft HoloLens has the potential to seamlessly integrate this kind of technology into daily life. With the HoloLens headset, people would be able to view virtual screens, play games, video conference and take on design projects in 3D.

Through examples like Merrell's TrailScape, Kingfisher's Beer Coaster, and British Airways' Oculus Rift experience, virtual reality continues to prove itself as a powerful marketing tool. To make it easier to tap into a virtual reality experience from home or anywhere in the world, 'vcemo' is a platform that lets users strap on a VR headset and go on a virtual journey—think YouTube for virtual video content, but more immersive and interactive.