The Fleye Quadcopter Can Scope Out Sites for Stationary Users

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: & yankodesign
The development of this consumer discovery drone would enable individuals to explore their surroundings with a broader perspective and the utmost convenience. In fact, the user could survey different areas without having to move from the comfort of his own home. The concept four-propeller helicopter has an integrated video camera, designed to send real-time footage of views via a smartphone app.

Kim Joongu and Seo Won-Kyoung envisioned the Fleye Quadcopter to behave like an unconstrained set of eyes that one can send out on any expedition. Investigate the crowds at the local market, or take it much farther than that. This consumer discovery drone could offer a form of couch potato tourism, whereby users could travel to specific sites around the world without having to book flights or take vacation time.