- Oct 29, 2011
This list of the most ridiculously expensive items are loved by a good number of people, usually those who have change to spare. There are some ridiculously pricey finds ranging from the $50,000 crocodile jackets to the $11,000 car washes. Viewers will be quite shocked at the sky-rocketing price tags.

What took me by surprise was the $10,000 Gund's teddy bears that have pearls for eyes and a diamond and gold necklace in the neck. There are quite a few people who love cuddly teddy bears, but this posh teddy bear is for those who want luxury at its finest.

Be it the $1.5 million office chairs or the $5,650 flash drive, there is a good set of wealthy people who will find these expensive items a treat, while the rest can enjoy a glimpse of the far-fetched extravagant items.

From $107,000 Diamond Cupcakes to $2.75 Million Champagnes: