Titan German Shepherds

 - May 27, 2008
References: lifestylepets & dailymail
Home and family security are fast becoming a number one priority. First there was home security, now there's the Titan Family Protector and the Titan Ultra Protector. Looking like a lovable pet, this dog is a highly trained German Shepherd, hailed as the future in front line home security.

Titan wonder dogs are specially bred for sniffing out danger and protecting their owners. Raised in Germany, the dogs are super-intelligent and taught to track and trap intruders until police arrive. While they are trained to be aggressive, they will not attack, making them safe for families.

Prospective owners face a two-year wait as each Titan dog undergoes extensive, rigorous training at special training camps with some of the world's best handlers. The Schutzhund training involves odor detection, search and rescue, as well as strength, courage and endurance.

The brainchild of American-based Simon Brodie, the idea originated after speaking with people about their concerns regarding their home safety.

"Primarily these are pets but they are incredibly well trained animals bred to protect a family," says Brodie. "You can have the most expensive CCTV cameras and alarms in the world but if someone climbs into your garden when your children are playing they can be useless. The Titan will alert people to danger as well as acting as a deterrent, while being completely safe. They are genetically tested to make sure the animal is suitable and then undergo two years of the most extensive training to make sure they are safe."

The dogs have only been on the market a few of weeks but they are already proving a hit in places like Japan and the Middle East.

For those who can afford it the Titan Family Protector will set you back a cool $85,000 or $120,000 for the Titan Protector Ultra. They are absolutely gorgeous dogs but it appears only the families of the rich are worth protecting.

I will never again complain about our alarm system bill.