ExklusivHAUS First House of Gold is the World's Most Expensive Property

If you think you've seen luxury living, think again, because the ExklusivHAUS First House of Gold is a $12 billion waterfront mega mansion that makes the White House look small. The home was built in collaboration with the famous Stuart Hughes, whose specialty is extravagantly expensive, custom luxurious items from billion-dollar yachts to million-dollar iPads. The home took five and a half years to complete and lies in a secret location in Switzerland near the Italian border.

Commissioned for a high-end client who wanted something truly extraordinary, the home certainly goes above and beyond his demands, with eight bedrooms, a 400-square-meter terrace, and over 200,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings? If that wasn't enough extravagance for one home, If It's Hip It's Here writes that "the specially designed flooring throughout is made from meteoric stone with shavings of original 65 million year old T-Rex Dinosaur bones embedded in each tile." Whoever said a home can't be worth its weight in gold never saw this place!

Implications - Excessively exclusive luxurious products, usually characterized by excessive price points and production in limited numbers, are catered to a very small, but devoted consumer base whose consumer priorities are centered on extravagance and luxury.