- Aug 17, 2011
The classic appeal of denim will continually be a staple in everyone’s fashion wardrobe. Denim has come a far way from the very first pair of Levi's; designers are now marketing their denim fashion finds as sexy and daring. Modern denim has revolutionized the way that people now view basic staple pieces. For example, with the right pair of jeans, any person can really amp up their wardrobe.

Many fashion editorials are taking advantage of this change in the way that denim is viewed. The versatility and sensuality of jeans absolutely solidifies its place in modern fashion. Designers are not only perfecting the fit and design of the jeans, but they are also creating interesting ideas, such as glow-in-the-dark, in order to stay on top of the ever-growing consumer market for jeans. This all-american essential is a must-have for any woman.

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