'Pure Rebellion White Denim' has a Paradoxical Appeal

The camouflage pattern was first introduced to allow garments to fade subtly into natural surroundings, but 'Pure Rebellion White Denim' by Robbie Fimmano seems to strive for the opposite effect. Paired with army print pants, skirts and trench coats are bleached jean vests and blazers accented with silver sleeves, metallic slacks and shiny pointed boots.

There is no way you wouldn't notice Janice Alida and Lowell Tautchin in these gaudy getups, enhanced by the reflective qualities of such avant-garde accents. Miguel Enamorado was truly creative in his styling of this photo shoot, blending together a number of divergent looks that surprisingly create quite chic alternative ensembles. It's perhaps not a shock to find the slightly eccentric 'Pure Rebellion White Denim' in the latest issue of Interview Magazine.