64 Scintillating Scandinavian Discoveries

 - Dec 12, 2008
Scandinavia is not just all blonde Heidis and masseuses named Sven, it’s also widely known as a hotbed of design--modern, clean and sleek. After all, IKEA, Dansk, Alvar Aalto and Eero Sarrinen all emerged from this Northern European landscape.

With a Finnish background of my own, I have always been drawn to the organic designs from the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I have also included Finland and Iceland in this collection of exceptional discoveries from Scandinavia.

There’s architecture, cabins--or ‘camps,’ as the Finns call them--fantastic bridges, and of course, ice hotels. You’ll also read about cool Danish jewelry, Finnish footwear and Nokia cell phone innovations. Also included are some fun IKEA ad campaigns, crazy ‘Ugly Pageants’ and hurdling jackrabbits from Denmark.

Maybe it’s the long, dark winters that bring out the creativity in these folk, or perhaps it’s in their genes. Whatever the case, dive in and check out some outstanding Scandinavian discoveries.