Icelandic Opera House in Reykjavik

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: gizmodo
The Icelandic Opera House in Reykjavik, Iceland is perhaps the most appropriate place in the world for a glass cube-shaped opera house replete with color-changing LED lighting.

The 820-seat Icelandic Opera House is situated on Borgaholt Hill, traditionally known for its native population of magical elves. Mythical beings notwithstanding, designer Hallgrimur Thor Sigurdsson and architects Arkitema of Denmark and Arkthing of Iceland are each doing their part to make the glass building a magical place.

The LEDs that make the glass Icelandic Opera House glow are located within the joints of the glass cube, and the lights will change color and intensity throughout the day. The building will also house a restaurant and five roof gardens, with the cube theme penetrating all aspects of design.