Sticks 'n' Sushi

 - Mar 9, 2008
References: amsteeman & frovi
Sushi, the famous Japanese dish from decorative fresh fish products, has not only to be superb of taste, but it has to be much more. It has to appeal as much to the eye as to the palate. It has to be fresh, perfect of taste and please the eye.

For the Danish restaurant chain "Sticks 'n' Sushi" takeaway accounts for half of the turnover and that is where the packaging complements the perfection. The ambassador on the street.

The sushi dishes are packed in decorative black trays, stackable in the takeaway package made from high quality white cardboard. The design is from Pais Design and the material is converted by Jens Johanson A/S both in Denmark.

The card board material is Frövi White, Korsnäs' newest cartonboard with a coated white reverse side. As the total surface of the reverse side is printed in black the white coating of the cartonboard gives it even a deeper black. The packaging comes in four dimensions. The largest one is made from 410 gr/m2 and can handle a weight up till 3 kg. From a purely functional point-of-view a lower cartonboard weight should have been sufficient, but the more sturdy quality is more entrusting to the customer and underlines the image of the brand.

The fish cut-outs on the handle and stackability of the thermoformed trays are in harmonious symbiosis with the product. The extra creasing in the side of the box makes it easy to insert and remove the tray of sushi. The black interior of the packaging as well as the black tray are perfectly showing off the colourful sushi.

Frövi White is a high-quality white cartonboard with a unique combination of extreme plasticity and a first-class printing surface, developed especially for luxury products. It is a four-layer virgin-fibre board, coated on both the top and reverse sides, which results in high whiteness and excellent printing results on both sides. It is produced in grammages ranging from 240 to 410 g/m².