From Sci-fi Eating Utensils to Sassy Sashimi Accessories

 - Dec 28, 2011
Sushi-inspired novelties have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. With the increasing boom of sushi restaurants, people worldwide are being introduced to the Japanese phenomenon.

From sushi furnishings and fishy art pieces to sushi-inspired apparel, this fishy snack is taking product design by storm with innovative pieces infused with humor. Sushi is not only a delicious meal choice but a pop-culture icon that is synonymous with anything considered to be urban and trendy.

Whether sporting a sushi phone case or adorning your home with raw fish cushions, these slimy novelties are deliciously witty and popular amongst a multitude of consumers. From sushi-loving liquor to bento box bling, these sushi-inspired novelties in design, art and the food industry are everywhere, constantly raising in popularity without ever loosing momentum.