Autec Offers Four Kitchen Helpers to Make Tasty Japanese Treats

 - Dec 15, 2009
References: autec-usa
I love sushi, that’s right I’m proud to say that I am a sushi lover. That’s why these sushi-making machines really appeal to me. Autec has four different sushi-making machines to help you make everything from rolls (maki) to individual pieces (nigiri) to the perfect sushi rice. There’s even a machine that will cut your maki so that you don’t have to worry about deforming your delicious rolls.

The sushi-making machines don’t come with ingredients or recipes so you’ll have to experiment with the sushi-making machines in order to find what fits your taste. Have fun with creating tasty, fishy concoctions and don’t forget to add sugar and vinegar to your sushi rice (a helpful hint from me to you).