From American Maid Cafes to Secret Sushi Bars

 - Jan 22, 2014
There are certainly no shortage of novelty dining experiences in Asia and now, quite a few of these quirky eateries are being introduced to North American diners. A visit to any of these Asian-inspired experiences would truly be like being transported to another country, since they’re quite unlike a lot of the themed restaurants or cafés you’d typically find in the West.

Some of these unconventional places to eat include the recently-opened Maid Cafe in NYC, based off of popular establishments where patrons are served by costumed staff members, or the Magic Restroom Café, which came to LA last year after the success of similar toilet-themed restaurants in Taiwan. Another establishment with a unique selling feature is the Ninjas Indoor Throwing Star Range in Kentucky, which pairs its sake bar with shurikens.