From Naked Sushi to Chopsticks for Cheaters

 - Jul 22, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
This cluster of East Asian food innovations will straight up make your mouth water. Even the non-edible stuff, like take-out handbags or sushi costumes, made me kind of hungry. Various ways to prepare sushi, like sushi cupcakes and different concept designs for chopsticks make up the bulk of these East Asian food innovations. There are some other surprises as well, however. From naked sushi to chopsticks for cheaters, dig in.

Implications - No matter how common sushi becomes in North America and Europe, I will always feel the exotic nature of the food when I order it. It's a testament to our increasingly globalized culture that North Americans have taken to the foreign combination of cooked vinegared rice and raw fish. Check out these 88 East Asian Food innovations and get lost in the vastness of international food.