Prosthetic Penis Promotion in Sweden

 - Nov 10, 2008   Updated: Jun 23 2011
In January, Swedish transsexual men (males born as females) can undergo a prosthetic Penis surgery for free from a certified plastic surgeon. The only catch is that the appendage comes only in the limp state, cannot be used to go to the bathroom and can never become erect.

Transsexual women (females born as males) have been able to get wigs, breast implants, and hair removal operations to help them transition into society, but until now, men didn't qualify for cosmetic fixes.

Implications - A sexologist and specialist in psychiatry at Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge, Stockholm, named Cecilia Dhejne explains that since the prosthetic limb can't actually do anything it is supposed to be capable of doing, she is quite weary about the surgery.