From Vibrant Alien Portraits to Crazy Clownish Cosmetics

 - Dec 5, 2011
The makeup lovers out there will love the electrifying cosmetics presented here. This captivating collection is enough to incite a tear in the eye of the most experienced makeup artist -- obviously without them ruining their eye makeup.

Some of these magnificent makeovers, like the extraterrestrial cosmetics, will take your breath away. Michelle Webb is a particular makeup artist whose alien makeovers are so intricate and artistic that they make many seem like mere amateurs. Even horror film details are simply magnified with morbid living dead makeovers and wicked fairytale get-ups. Such artistic talent and vibrant, avant-garde looks simply keep getting wilder and more popular.

The Electrifying Cosmetics collection will leave you in awe as you gape at what is truly the mark of an artist. From avian eyelashes to crazy clownish cosmetics, eccentric makeup is back this year in a big way.