Violette by Stanley Patzold Reveals Rouge Gloss Pouring from her Pout

 - Jun 3, 2011
References: stanleypatzold & fashionising
Everyday cosmetics demand a certain amount of restraint, but who can resist the succulent and sultry look of such luscious red lips as in Violette by Stanley Patzold.

This beauty editorial focuses on one of a woman's most feminine facial features, doused in a vibrant metallic red lip gloss and liner. The series of images begins with it a mouthwatering application of makeup, including a pungent ruby lipstick and a burnished amethyst eyeshadow. As the pictures progress, the model's porcelain palette is toned down to a pretty peach lip color and nude complexion.

In stark contrast to the juicy raspberry maquillage of the first closeups, the fading later photographs have a majestic muted quality which is just as gorgeous, but they manage turn an irresistible appearance into an innocent one.