Clash in Rouge Spring 2011 Shows Killer Vibrant Cosmetics

Models Ma Jing and Miao Bin Si rock neon candy-colored makeup for Clash in Rouge Spring 2011. The beauty editorial, which was captured by photographer Stockton Johnson, features the stunning duo with vibrant eye makeup and red lips -- a combination that's typically frowned upon. These clashing hues work quite well, however, as the models' porcelain skin forms the perfect canvas to show each shade off.

Antoine Neufmars was responsible for the art direction in Clash in Rouge Spring 2011. Neufmars opted for slightly windswept, wet hair to add texture and tension to the perfectly polished images.

My favorite look from Clash in Rouge Spring 2011 is the fourth one, in which purple eyeshadow and smoky eyeliner give the model a striking look that isn't over the top.