7 Minute Swedish Express Marriage

 - Jul 8, 2008
References: hubpages
The Lutheran Church of Sweden is trying a Vegas-style approach to weddings in hopes. 36 couples participated in "drive-in weddings," an ultra-speedy (only seven minutes!) and very casual approach to marriage. The Church of Sweden thinkgs this could be a solution to make marriage more accessible.

"The wedding ceremonies will be carried by 10 priests alongside the focal point of the auto gathering, a motorcade of 1950s and 1960s cars," Reuters says.

The couples in the drive-in wedding trials were mostly auto enthusiasts, so they likely enjoyed the notion of the speed weddings which took place at a car rally in the Swedish city of Vasteras.

"Weddings are getting more and more commercialized and that is not something we have any interest in," said Jerker Asterlund, the priest who came up with the idea. "We would like to make things simpler and more down to earth when people take the plunge and get married,” he told Reuters. This is not just for fun, but also a way for the Church of Sweden to show we can take part in celebration and happiness and not just in crisis and catastrophes," he said.

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