Steampunk Nuptials, Edible Dresses, Nerdy Gamer Vows

 - Feb 2, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
If you're looking for offbeat wedding themes, then let this collection of the quirkiest, most unique bridal innovations featured on Trend Hunter inspire you. The cluster features everything from steampunk themes and weddings in caves, to Day of the Dead weddings and lesbian vows in wineries. Also included among the offbeat wedding themes are incredibly unique photos, which range from dual-mustache couples to Photoshopped miniature brides.

Implications - These offbeat wedding themes signify that society still upholds its time-honored values, but are looking for novel innovations to reinvigorate customs which have become predictable. Corporations can similarly inject novelties into their existing line of products and services to appeal to consumers who need a new gimmick to maintain their interests.