Funny Renault Logan Ads

 - Jul 13, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
These funny print ads for Renault Logan show you that you need a dependable car that's 'ready for everything that's coming' because, "When you marry, you marry all."

The wedding ad shows the happy groom beaming next to his bride while his in-laws posed in wedding dresses. In other words, he is marrying the whole family. From the angry little brother to the flirty father and crying mom, you need a car that can handle all the drama!

The second print shows a father in the delivery room after just having his first baby. However, the ad reminds you that, "A baby never comes alone." With the baby still in his mother's arms, the print hints at what's coming; baby strollers, child car seat, toys, baby crib, and all kinds of baby items. You surely need a reliable car for all this.

I like the art direction (Álvaro Padilla) which is lighthearted and comic. The 2008 campaign was created by Colombian ad agency, Publicis, Bogotá, with creative directors: Felipe Camacho, Jaime Solano; copywriter: Julio Cesar Herazo; and photographer Buenavista Fotografia.

Hit the gallery below for both ads and images of the Renault Logan.