Making the Katy Perry and Russel Brand Wedding in India Look Tame

 - Oct 26, 2010   Updated: Aug 11 2011
Amidst all of the man-eating tigers and extravagant facial jewelry, the Katy Perry and Russel Brand wedding in India still seems tame in comparison to the following freaky nuptial locations.

Apparently, good ol' Hawaii just doesn't cut it as the destination wedding spot anymore. Instead, crazy couples are turning to fast food restaurants, bungee chords and even underwater weddings. The Katie Perry and Russel Brand wedding seems to pale in comparison to these!

Implications - The wedding industry has seen a mass revamp in the past decade as brides and grooms are placing less value on their becoming a unit and more emphasis on the partnership of two individuals. This has lead to an uprooting of the traditional wedding ceremony, replaced by more eccentric ceremonies that allow both members of a union to express their individual tastes and personalities.