From Comic-Themed Ceremonies to Day of the Dead Weddings

 - Mar 5, 2013
Weddings are often filled with so many preparations and planning that your personality can often get lost in the clutter, but these quirky wedding ceremonies are some amazing examples of how couples are opting more for themed-weddings to represent their eclectic style.

While most wedding planning consists of choosing matching colors and decor, these out-of-the-ordinary matrimonies take the traditional process of getting married to a whole different level, where you can have over-the-top decor and wear costumes down the aisle. These wacky weddings are a great opportunity for couples to showcase their unique taste, and what better way to display it then during your wedding ceremony? From Alice in Wonderland themed weddings to couples choosing to marry while mid-flight, these off-beat ceremonies are a sure fire way to turn an average wedding into a fun and playful event.