Special Delivery from T-Post in Sweden

 - Jul 13, 2008
References: t-post.se & netdiver.net
Many people, including me, love to get packages in the mail. By subscribing to T-Post, every six weeks a new exclusively designed t-shirt 'magically' appears in your mailbox.

T-Post, based in Sweden, designs a new t-shirt every six weeks based on current news and prints the story on the inside of the t-shirt. The news, they say, may not be mainstream, however you should find it intriguing. Peter Lundgren, Publishing Director and Editor-in-Chief of T-Post says, “We can't guarantee you'll love every issue of T-Post but if you like the basic idea of T-post you won't be disappointed.”

The t-shirts are available only to T-Post subscribers and they print only the number to cover subscriber orders, so if you're unlikely to run into someone else wearing the same shirt.

Subscription starts with the exclusive “Members Issue” t-shirt, followed by a new issue every 6 weeks after, similar to a magazine subscription. The cost is 25 EUR per shirt, which includes all shipping costs.

T-Post currently has 2454 subscribers in 48 countries.